Michaelle C. (9)
Michaelle C. (9)

Forging The Path To Equality For All

An Honor and Priviledge

“Representing our neighborhood in the State Assembly is a privilege. I’ve invested years into our community, tackling high taxes, improving our infrastructure, and ensuring our safety.
Trust that I’m always working for you.”

“I’m proud of the critical wins I’ve secured for this great district I call home. I’m counting on your support to continue empowering and developing our community.”

Legislative Experience

Legacy of Proven Results

Proud Public Servant

Community Oriented

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Welcome to my official campaign website. I appreciate your interest in the work that I do on behalf of the people of 22nd Assembly District.  I take the responsibilities of this position seriously and I can assure you that I will continue being a leading advocate on the issues that impact our community in the State legislature. It is a privilege to be your Assembly woman. Please feel free to contact me with your views and concerns regarding the issues facing the State of New York.

In solidarity,

Michaelle C. Solages


Democratic Party

Working Families Party